5 Tips for Ultralight Backpacking

Ultralight Backpacking

So why consider Ultralight Backpacking? After a while, your back starts to ache from carrying 50lbs+ through the woods or through major cities. Your body becomes sore from extensive travelling, low budget living spaces and more. Ultralight backpacking is becoming more and more popular – and as stated in the title, the focus is on packing lighter.

Considering ultralight or lightweight backpacking? Below are the top 5 tips to get you started:

1. Weight
The biggest tip is to weigh everything. It might come as a shock the extra weight some items, unnecessary items can be. Pack only essentials and you’ll notice the change in how heavy your bag is. See the best lightweight backpacking gear.

2. Pack multi-purpose gear
Consider items that offer more than one option. When you start reducing the items you are packing, you need to be smart and pack items that offer more than one purpose. A common example is a utility knife or Swiss Army knife.

3. Organization
Make a spreadsheet or lists of what you need before just removing items from your bag. Ensure you have each area (ie. Sleeping, cooking, clothing) covered. Make sure you know what you are packing, so you are a smart packer – but the last thing you want is to panic before you forgot the most obvious thing. Organization is key.

ultralight backpacking
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4. Start big and work down
This process might be start to become overwhelming. Start this process by packing the biggest/most important items (ie. Tent/shelter, sleeping bag). Portion control is the key, so you do not want to pack items that aren’t going to be used often.

5. Relax and show patience
Cutting back on packing might not go as well as you might anticipate. Removing weight/items from your bag might change how you travel. Before you take on extensive journey, try ultra light backpacking on shorter trips to get accustomed with that style of travelling. This mentality is compared to those who travel with only a carryon, instead of a suitcase. It does take patience, it does take time and your comfort level will grow with experience.

Bonus: if you are going with a group, not everyone needs to pack kitchen gear. Consider splitting those items up, so not everyone is bringing multiple cookware.