Solo or with Friends

There are many advantages and disadvantages to travelling solo or with friends through Europe. You may hear friends travelling throughout Europe and having a great time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel solo and still experience a wonderful trip. We highlight some of the major points but want to remind you that despite how you travel, to ensure you always travel safe. In the end, you are ultimately responsible for yourself.

Going Solo


  • Meet more people
  • You decide where you want to go


  • Traveling alone can be overwhelming
  • Must overcome shyness and be able to approach other people
  • Should be alert at all times, if going out for drinks try and find a buddy so you are not wandering around in an intoxicated state.

Going with Friends


  • Always have someone to talk too and share memories with
  • Can split costs (by sharing a room, taxi, etc)
  • Could possibly increase your safety by having friends around, you might not be put in compromising or risky situations


  • Always having someone around (which can be frustrating to all agree on what to do, pose a challenge for people with different personalities etc)
  • Not meeting many new people or locals because you are part of a group and stick with the group

To recap, some individuals are comfortable by themselves and enjoy travelling solo. They have the option of when they want to mingle and meet new people, but can otherwise choose what they want to do by themselves. Others find travelling solo intimidating and can not overcome their shyness to approach new people. As a result they prefer to travel in a group and enjoy making new memories and experiences with their friends.

Whether you travel solo or with a group, there are many online resources to help you connect with locals and other travellers. Websites like TripTrotting, Globetropper and FindMeetGo allow you to connect with potential travel partners.