Top 10 Beginner Backpacking Mistakes

Even the most experienced backpacker will still have set backs and make mistakes. We are human after all. But as you gain more experience backpacking, you won’t make the same mistake twice. And some mistakes can set you back, in time, with money and expectations.

Below are the most common mistakes to avoid as first time backpackers:

  1. Wearing new boots or shoes (bad idea! Break them in before your first outing)
  2. Bringing too much water or not enough water (research what is available on your route)
  3. Over estimating timing and starting too late (then getting lost in the dark!)
  4. Underestimating the comfort of your backpack (see the best backpacks of 2017)
  5. Wearing heavy or not appropriate clothing
  6. Not bringing a map or not knowing your route
  7. Being optimistic of the weather, don’t expect conditions to change if its forecast for a bad day
  8. Ignoring the park ranger/experienced backpacker advise about route conditions
  9. Taking on a trail that is more physically challenging (than you are use to)
  10. Relying on technology too much. Don’t rely on your cell phone incase you loose signal. You won’t have a GPS, you won’t be able to alert anyone if you are in danger. Tell family where you’re going. And as listed above, bring a map!