Top 10 ways to Save Money Travelling

Simple Money Saving Tips

There are many ways to save money while travelling. Below we outline the top 10 popular ways you can reduce your spending habits when travelling.

1) Compare Airfare/Flight prices – don’t get fooled by budget or cheap airlines. Sometimes they can be more expensive or have a longer route. Shop around and use aggretaor travel websites like or

2) Book flights early and mid week – prices change daily. We were once told it is cheaper to book a flight on Tuesday or Wednesday, rather than the weekends. By booking three to four months in advance can also save you money. Lastly, consider flying mid week. Departing and returning on Tuesday or Thursday can save you hundreds, comparing to flying out/in over the weekends or holidays. Use online websites like to track prices and get notified before an increase.

3) Take advantage of discounts – if you are part of a frequent flyer program, can redeem travel points through your credit card, receive a discount as a student – take advantage of that! Those often get overlooked and then you wish you remember using those points later. Remember, to not only check about discounts/redeeming points for flights, but if you are part of a hotel chain program (ie. Marriott rewards, Best Western etc) or can use travel points towards car rentals then take advantage of those, and save yourself some money for when you are actually travelling!

4) Skip the fancy hotels – essentially a hotel room is just a bed and a shower. Unless you are Flashpacking, consider skipping the glamorous hotel rooms. Backpackers are now avoid hotel rooms all together and going the route of Airbnb or Couchsurfing.

5) Eat like a local – restaurants in popular tourist areas are often more expensive than a restaurant away from the main street. Not only do you save money, but you also can experience more authentic cuisine by dining like locals.

6) Take public transportation – Taxis and ubers add up. Consider purchasing a subway pass, bus pass for a few days to get around town.

7) Take advantage of “Free” Days – many museums offer free or discounted days. Those days are often packed full of people, but check out their local museum website to see when these days are offered.

8) Bundle attractions – if you are thinking of doing two or three popular attractions, shop around. Many websites offer discounts for visiting multiple attractions (ie. CityPass) and by bundling attractions and saving money, you might also get more bang for your buck.

9) Currency – don’t get burned on converting your currency while travelling. Due to fluctuating markets and expensive conversion fees, try to plan ahead and bring the proper currency for what country you are in. Since most countries fall under the Euro, that should be easy. But places like the United Kingdom use the British Pound and Russia uses the Ruble. Avoid additional fees by not using your debit/credit card while aboard.

10) Work or volunteer while aboard – Get to know the culture and locals on a whole new level and earn some money in return. Grape picking to teaching English as a second language, research the areas you are travelling to see what work options are available. Another aspect is to volunteer your time. You would not be paid for this, but it is another way to experience the country.